Lebanon's 20 Most Shared posts on Facebook (2014 edition)

Some Lebanese blog posts got astoundingly viral on facebook. Our number one post this year, written in February by Joey Ayoub for Hummus for Thought got shared more than 90,000 times on the social network! Earning it the top spot. Below are the top 20 posts that have gotten an impressive amount of traction on Facebook

# Blog Post Number of Shares
1 Hummus For Thought What did Palestine look like in 1896? 93,961
2 Monkyseemonkydo 10 Shoes Every Guy Should Own 52,902
3 Glamroz CNN money: Beirut is #1 city in the world to invest 30,032
4 Glamroz Julio Iglesias at the opening of Ehdeniyat 2014 15,377
5 No Garlic No Onions Jounieh Floating Island: Putting Lebanon on the International Map 9,622
6 A Separate State of Mind Lebanon Loses 78000 Books To Terrorism: Tripoli's Al Saeh Library Burned 9,496
7 A Separate State of Mind George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s Wedding Will Take Place in Lebanon 8,362
8 Hummus For Thought #StripForJackie Campaign Gains Momentum 6,698
9 Karl Remarks We Give the Scottish Independence Referendum the Middle East Expert Treatment 6,447
10 Beirut Report "Rose House" opening to the public 6,387
11 Karl Remarks Unprecedented images of Western people looking just like you and me 6,099
12 Brains For Less How Lebanese act at home vs. when They're Living Abroad 5,555
13 No Garlic No Onion A 6$ Manousheh is Taking New York by Storm 4,969
14 Moulahazat When Warlords Become Presidential Candidates 4,734
15 A Separate State of Mind Lebanon's "Bad" Restaurants: How The Ministry Of Health Messed Up 4,723
16 Gino's Blog Sukleen Worker Forced to Kneel Cheek Cut in Dekwene 4,527
17 Glamroz Countries Lebanese Can Travel to Without a Visa 3,678
18 Eyes on the East Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Is Anybody Listening? 3,651
19 Hummus For Thought US bans students from "blacklisted" countries from getting a free education 3,496
20 Abir Ghattas Jacki Chamoun Al Jadeed TV and Minister Karami: The Real Scandal 3426

Note: Bloggers were contacted to make sure the posts in question were not boosted on facebook.